Developing an industrial site to meet your unique needs quickly enough can be challenging. Every day your operation is delayed costs you money and market opportunity. At Bushy Park, you can hit the ground running with a cost-effective industrial site that’s already fully supported with utilities, infrastructure and support services.

Since 2003 we have helped more than 10 global manufacturers set up quickly and successfully expand their operations. As a community, together we have invested billions of dollars in creating our world-class industrial park. Our investment strategy is long-term with more than $100M contributed by our owners since 2014.

Why Mainstream Pine Products Chose Bushy Park

During the site selection search for our business, we looked at several locations.  Bushy Park presented the best solution for us due to existing infrastructure that we could utilize.  The resources provided at Bushy Park enabled us to focus on our core competencies while knowing the non-core activities were being handled.  Onsite logistical options with rail and water access were another key item for us.  All of this combined with an available workforce in Berkeley County made our decision easier.

We're motivated to help you succeed

Effectively control your costs

As long-term partners, your success is our success

We’re very experienced and will move as fast as possible

Our local, regional and state connections can help you navigate incentive opportunities and permitting hurdles

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Buy & Build

  • Zoning or re-zoning required
  • Lengthy permitting process
  • Unnecessary infrastructure replication
  • Unforseen cost overruns
  • Lengthy project timeline
  • May need to Seek enviornmental consulting services

Lease & Launch

  • Zoned heavy industrial
  • Easier permitting process
  • Most utilities already on site
  • Ability to add special utilities
  • Minimize unforseen costs
  • Shorter timeline
  • Onsite enviornmental consulting

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Charleston’s Business Environment Supports Your Success

With a business-friendly tax and incentive structure, companies locating in Charleston keep operating costs down while increasing their ROI.